Recruiting Questionnaire

Pacific Union College is a learning community where the classroom is only the beginning. Teachers give students their home phone numbers and invest their whole selves in teaching. Excellence here means a broad learning experience, a rich social community, and the experience and exploration of faith and human service.

The Department of Athletics strives to build quality athletics programs, maintain a talented and driven coaching staff, and recruit student athletes who display strong character, leadership qualities, a commitment to academics, and a desire and ability in a certain athletic skill. The Department of Athletics seeks to be a source of pride and representation of Pacific Union College as well as the surrounding community.

If you are interested in joining the Pioneers family, please take a few minutes to fill out the following recruiting form. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Potential Incoming Student Athlete Check List

  1. Complete application to PUC
  2. Submit the following documents:
  3. Financial Package
    • Discuss and review various avenues to reach your best possible financial package. Contact Head Coaches concerning Athletic Aid.
  4. Fill out the FAFSA
    • Deadline for 2015
    • Fill this out even if you think you will not qualify for federal or state need-based financial aid. Other PUC Grants are calculated from the information.
  5. Fill out the PUC Financial Aid Application
    • This is separate from the FAFSA, but also very important.
  6. NAIA Eligibility
  7. Contact the coach
  8. Helpful contacts
    • Student Finance (707) 965-7200
    • Enrollment Services (707) 965-6336
Men's Sports

Women's Sports